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This week I attended the Tucson Metro Chamber’s State of the State event. It was the first time that I have attended an event like this and it was an interesting and eye-opening experience. Business owners from all over Tucson flocked to the El Conquistador Resort to listen to the governor’s address as well as network with each other at the nearby expo.

As I was speaking with some of the businessmen and women at my table, I continued to get the same response, “I had no idea that we had that kind of business (meaning animation production companies) in Tucson.” I had a lot of fun being able to do a lot of one-on-one conversations with local business owners. A lot of them were unaware just how affordable and game-changing animation can be for their marketing plans. Needless to say, I was asked for a lot of business cards.

One of the most popular products that I was asked continually to go in depth on was Some of you may know about this but for those who don’t, is a fantastic service that we offer catered towards the small business owner. We provide a variety of 3D animated templates that are fully customizable. The best part is that they start at just $99.

Now for the cool part…for a limited time, we are going to offer 20% off your order! You don’t have to be a business to use! Use it on your Facebook, impress your family with a custom 3D animation for a birthday or anniversary, or even make yourself stand out on your online dating profile. The use of custom, affordable animation is limitless and now it is even easier because it’s 20% cheaper.

Use the code BLOG4 at for a discount and in two business days, you’ll have a sweet, new promotional animation!

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