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Abbott Animation offers a number of services to help your business or organization deliver effective and compelling messaging. We utilize animation in various ways to accomplish our customers’ goals, turning complexity into comprehension by taking intricate products or processes and distilling their workings into simple to follow visuals. Or take familiar branding and breathe new life and excitement into it with motion graphics. At its core, animation in any format embodies engaging visuals that capture a viewer's attention and increase your visibility and SEO. Our animators and designers can produce amazing 3D animation and motion graphics that jump off your screen. And our programmers excel in developing interactive, visually striking applications designed to engage your customers, assist your sales force, or elevate your next corporate training initiative. We’ll give you the creative edge that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

We meld affordable budgets, fast turnarounds, and the nimbleness of a small, tight-knit studio with cutting-edge, high-end services that are usually only found in expensive LA animation studios. We are constantly developing unconventional approaches and new techniques to help set our clients apart from the competition. Our goal is to deliver the unlikely: Create incredible animations, on time, at an affordable price.

Our award-winning team leverages a diverse set of skills to provide a tailored animation in the style that best fits your needs. Realistic 3D animation, dynamic 2D animations, stylized 3D content, clean and simple graphics, interactive applications, and augmented reality are some of our services that will help you reach your audience, no matter who they are. Our team works closely with you, delivering top-quality content for your external or internal customers. In addition, we also offer “behind-the-scenes” services such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, and video editing. As a well-rounded team trained in a wide range of disciplines, Abbott Animation is perfectly positioned to create precisely what you need!

"We can’t thank you all enough for all you have done! You have far exceeded our expectations! This work will save lives in our industry!"

Carl Flores
SE TL – Global Wells Assist & Assure Lead
Shell Exploration and Production Companys

Product Animation

Show off your products in striking realism. Dramatic lighting and dynamic animation help showcase your devices, equipment, and tools in the best light possible.

Unlike traditional video, animation visualizes complicated machinery or procedures with unparalleled imagery and motion. Product animation lets you visualize complicated machinery or processes through 3D computer animation. Our team can animate anything and everything you need, allowing potential customers to visualize and understand your products, machinery, or procedures on any device, no matter where they are. Whether it’s photo-realistic 3D animation that travels inside a product to show how it works or a simplified 2D animation that conveys a complicated concept with easy-to-follow graphics, product animation is an often crucial tool for every industry, large and small.

"What an excellence production your team has delivered to the Shell Group. I agree with Carl, Definitely exceeded our expectations! From the first pin drive I mailed to you back in December with the rig videos to the completed animated video I received this morning I applaud you for the great collaboration throughout this process. I just have to smile at a job well done! Each of you should be drinking WINE tonight knowing you are so talented and appreciated!!!

Thank you for all the long hours and dedication! You guys performed even when the World was shut down! If ever one of our other groups in Shell are in the lookout for animation, Carl and I know who to send them to! "

Donald Dodd
NES Global Talent / Assist and Assure
Shell Exploration & Production Co. GoM

Medical Animation

Combining the expertise of our trained medical illustrator with our talented artists, we tell compelling, accurate, and concise stories. We aim to create animations that demonstrate medical procedures and products while also educating medical professionals, patients, and the public. From technical medical devices; to stylized 2D informational productions; to detailed anatomy animation and illustration; we aspire to reach the highest level of precision and detail in all of the work we produce. In addition to animation, we have extensive experience creating interactive applications that can run across multiple platforms, showcasing products and procedures in any desired fashion. We collaborate with our clients, such as Roche, Accelerate Diagnostics, IQAir, and Bio Concepts Compression Garments, to create content that best suits their needs while maintaining strong, dynamic elements that keep the animation engaging.

"Just got word directly from our president how pleased he is with your work. Please let all your team members involved with the project know how appreciative we are. Your company has been great to work with from our initial phone call with Siavash, all the way through to delivery. You exceeded our expectations at every step. Looking forward to working with you again."

Thaddaeus Smith
Director of Brand Communications & Executive Chef
Sterno Products

Incident Animation

We offer a comprehensive approach to incident or accident recreation, utilizing many years of expertise and experience to deliver the teaching moment you need. From cinema-quality renders to eye-catching motion graphics, we ensure your audience is captivated and watching. However, we understand that high-end 3D doesn’t suit every project. When needed, we can provide stylized recreations that maintain our strong dedication to accuracy and learning while providing a clear, simplified picture of what occurred.

The Abbott Animation team has extensive experience reconstructing real-world incidents, utilizing data from several sources. Our team will analyze incident reports, charts, graphs, photographs, eye-witness statements, and other available data to produce accurate representations of events, faithfully reproducing environments, equipment, and actions. This complete 3D recreation allows for total creative storytelling freedom – allowing the viewer to seeing an event from any angle, pausing a moment in time to speak directly to crucial information, or traveling inside a malfunctioning unit to highlight issues invisible to the naked eye. The possibilities are endless, providing a massive degree of flexibility throughout the process. This ensures we deliver an incident recreation that teaches the exact specifics you need to convey to your audience.

"Excellent talent! Extremely creative and professional! Great animation and graphic talent at this production house."

LaRochelle Media

Character Animation

Character animation can be an incredibly powerful tool for reaching your audience, from mascots in commercials, to lending a human touch in product animations, to helping the viewer connect with the events of an incident. Characters and mascots facilitate the creation of powerful emotions and sentiment. Whether the marketing objective is to be humorous or sincere, light-hearted or somber, informative or action-packed, character animation embodies all that is possible with digital visual technology. We have a custom pipeline designed to streamline the animation process, saving you time and money.

If you’re looking to brand your business, wish to add a mascot to the team, or have a story to tell, character animation is an attention-grabbing tool that will increase visibility. Talk to us, and we’ll help you decide if 3D modeling or 2D illustration works best for your objective.

Character Animation brings your imagination to life. If you can dream it, we can create it! Our talented and experienced artists can design and build any character as a 3D model or 2D illustration. We use the latest software and techniques to model, rig, animate, light, and render your character quickly and affordably.

"I have worked with Abbott for over 3 years and find them totally capable of providing network quality work - especially animation - at small town prices."

Moret & Associates Advertising

Interactive Apps

Access to the world around us is growing, and so are the number of ways your customers interact with it. Invite your buyers or audience to active exploration of what you have to offer. With interactive apps running on the desktop, in the browser, or on mobile devices, we can build a unique user experience around your products and services, creating a deeper understanding and lasting impression.

From a virtual showroom that displays your range of goods to a realistic mining pit directly in your office – interactive applications allow marketing teams to put your products and services directly into the hands of customers no matter where they are. This empowers your customers, allowing them to interact with virtual versions of your products and learn more about your brand. Whether we are developing for tablets, phones, laptops, or touch displays – seamless interaction and high-end visuals are combined to create a truly impressive user experience that serves your needs.

"Abbott Animation does first class video production work, we are very satisfied with the final products they have produced for us. I am particularly impressed with the high level of detail in their work. Their pricing is fair and reasonable."

Michael Quinn

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics animation is a broad umbrella term for many different animation types, but the basic idea is the same: motion is King. Movement is the driving energy behind a motion graphics animation – from fully realized 2D animation to overlays over 3D animation or video content, motion graphics add clarity, action, and movement. From strictly kinetic text to animated elements composited over video, all the way to a full motion graphic spot with animated characters with a story to tell, we'll add a distinctive style to any production!

Like any form of animation, there are many types, aspects, and styles of motion graphics. Each can add a great deal of visual style and energy to an advertisement, website, or promotion. With our green screen studio, we can place live actors underwater, in the Arctic, or even in a futuristic, digital environment entirely in-house. We can also capture video off-site and then composite animated effects and advertising copy into the completed video. Abbott doesn’t just produce TV spots or web content; we create targeted messages that appeal to your customers with graphics that hold their attention.

A common type of motion graphics is Logo animations, which are a popular way to support and breathe fresh life into your brand. We specialize in making your logo look even better with animation and depth. Because your logo is a direct reflection of your company, let us make it stand out and get noticed on your next commercial or website!

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