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Recently I attended a panel discussion on entrepreneurship that featured several business owners in Tucson. As I drove west toward Pima Community College, where the event was being held, I wasn’t quite sure what I should expect. Can these events really impart useful knowledge on the small business owner? Can these people really say something that hasn’t already been read over and over again on business blogs and articles? Better yet, will any of this information be applicable to an animation production company? Obviously, I was pretty skeptical.

I walked into the large proscenium theatre and took a seat. The stage had a podium set up in the middle flanked by two tables for the panelists. Projected behind the tables was assorted information on the business owners that would be speaking. Their businesses ranged from defense contracting to gourmet olive oil. Quite a diversity.

Once the event began, my skepticism started to fade away. The panel was moderated, so the moderator would ask each panelist questions about their business and how they managed to find success. Some of the advice was informative; some was not, however there was one piece of advice that is particularly overlooked when making a business decision (in my opinion).

Do business with those who also share your passion for quality.

Too often, it is tempting to go with the bottom line/lowest bidder but without investigating whether the business you wish to partner with cares about a quality end-product, you may waste a lot of your time and money.

That’s why at Abbott Media, we showcase our end products right on our website. We display multiple reels as well as client videos because we’re not afraid to show that we create quality animation. We care about making our clients happy and not putting out an inferior end product.

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