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Telling your story, showcasing your products and capturing the attention of the viewer is where Abbott Animation excels. Our clients range from local small businesses to multinational corporations, and they trust us to deliver while staying on time and on budget.

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Your marketing and sales experience just got a whole lot more exciting. Product animation gives you the power to show off your products and services in dramatic fashion. Unbound by the laws of physics, 3D animation lets you explore and demonstrate your product in ways that would be otherwise impractical, dangerous, or just plain impossible. With product animation we put unrestrained creative control in your hands, so your vision appears on screen exactly as you imagined. At Abbott Animation, 3D visuals are more affordable than ever.

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Character animation can be an incredibly powerful tool for reaching an audience. Characters and mascots facilitate the creation of powerful emotions and sentiment through thoughtful design and highly skilled application. No matter if the marketing objective is humor or sincerity, light-hearted or informative, character animation embodies all that is possible with visual digital technology. We have a custom pipeline to streamline the animation process and save you time and money. For more information check out our process page.

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Virtual showroom anyone? Invite customers to explore your showroom, interact with virtual versions of your products, or learn more about your brand. Interactive applications allow marketing teams to put your products and services directly into the hands of customers. Whether we are developing for tablets, phones, laptops, or touch displays - seamless interaction and high-end visuals are combined to create a truly impressive user experience that serves your needs.

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