We all know the power of social media, it’s 2015-let’s hope we all understand it’s reach. There is no better tool to reach out to customers, clients, and even those you would’ve never had the chance to meet. Though social media we are able to connect on a platform that is convenient for everyone. Just like golf was the standard for getting business done before, social media is the 2015 putting green.

Now there are billions of users of social media and millions of those accounts are businesses trying to grab a piece of the pie. So what will make your business stand out?

As I’ve stated in earlier blog post, you must show the people who you are. In this era of information and technology there are always other options. Showing your potential clients and customers who you are can make or break your business. We want to know what goes on during business hours, after business hours, what organizations do you and your company belong to? These are all things that will attract people to your business because they feel a connection to you. Sometimes that connection is all it takes to find life long clients.

So what is the best way to show who you are to the masses? Well, it’s a combination of video-centered marketing and traditional blogging called –Vlogging, or video-blogging. Think of it as a fast, personal way to get those pesky written blogs out every two weeks. Talk about your business as if you’re talking to investors, because your clients are your biggest investors. Pump up your business and really show you’re behind the community, what projects are going on, what are your plans going forward, etc.

Just remember to be yourself. If you’re fake or are not telling the truth people will notice…and then look it up on Google.

Also use vlogs for those longer topics that most readers will be less likely to finish. Having a visual stimulant always breaks up the monotony of long vlogs. With that in mind make sure you are planning a format for your blogs; Start with current happenings and the change course into changes, ideas, etc.

A great tip from current vloggers is to make sure you add your brand to the video. Do you travel a lot? If so, vlog from different locations let us see how you do business.

Lastly, you have to use a good quality camera. If you’re shooting a video off your iPhone and trying to be professional, it won’t be as crisp and high quality as the brand you’re trying to put out there.

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