Rigging To Save Time and Money

The complexity of this project and excitement of working with an international client really got us moving at our studio. The objective was to develop a highly visual and engaging video for a major product launch. This launch involved marketing to several different countries, which meant translating the video into at least four different languages. Attention to every detail was key in providing our customer with a comprehensive and effective digital promotional product.

This product is a high-end residential air filtration system. The best and most advanced in the industry to date. As you can imagine the price tag reflects the quality of the product. So it was important to our client that potential customers were educated on engineering, technology and functionality of the system – not to mention, aesthetics.

What would be the best way to address these requirements? With 3D animation, anything is possible. We decided to pull the product apart and demonstrate how all the pieces came together. In doing so, all the requirements would be met but there was just one problem- all components including nuts and bolts would need to be animated. Not really a problem, more like another opportunity to create something very special.

This project could have taken up to 2 months but with creative rigging and application, we were able to save our client major money on their advertising budget by producing the video in half the time.

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