Top Reasons to Use Motion Graphics in Marketing

Motion Graphics in Marketing

Owing to the fast-paced technological development and social media popularity, brands today could reach millions of target audiences. Infographics are attractive, yet, they are outshone by motion graphics that take the social platforms by storm.

Credit Capital CEO Alister Clare notes, “Motion graphics are effective means to create awareness, convey information, and to call the target audience to action. It’s also effective in capturing abstract concepts.”

People notice details from the shapes, colors, and texts to the photos and music you use in your posts and ads. When effectively utilized, these minor details can influence the audiences’ interest. Motion graphics are often effective because they engage most of our senses.

Before planning for new content of your advertisements and social media posts, here are the top reasons to use motion graphics in marketing that you should take note of:

Motion Graphics in Marketing

It can interestingly present your products and services.

More compelling posts would engage more audiences. An advantage of motion graphics is their ability to grab the attention of an audience, and keep it.

Most people’s attention span falls statistically to no more than 4 seconds on text. However, a 2014 MIT study found that people can process visual information in as little as 13 milliseconds. Brands that use images and videos have higher conversion rates and improved marketing strategies.

Motion Graphic Video Created by Abbott Animation for xTuple

It creates and increases brand awareness.

Several internet users avail themselves products or services from a brand that they are already aware of. You may incorporate your brand in subtle ways – the choice of music, shape, color, and design in the animations.

Due to the number of elements in motion graphics, they also tend to stay longer in the memory of potential customers.

It has high engagement through a simplified message.

Motion graphics work best to simplify complex topics and bring them into life, all while capturing the audience’s attention.

Most popular with tech and science companies, abstract concepts of technologies are explained well through motion graphics. Some viewers also prefer visuals rather than just reading texts. Anyone knows that a 115-meter tree is tall, but few realize it’s as high as a 38-story building.

It’s a lot cheaper.

Comparatively, motion graphics wouldn’t cost as much as a professional video. Even with simple changes, video edits wouldn’t entail high fees, unlike live actions where actors need to remake a scene.

As such, you could take advantage of the video craze without shelling out too much. You could be creative even with half of the budget. This would also allow you to try out more combinations of images, music, shapes, etc.

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Your work with the USCSB in incredible! Concise, clear, and with incredible attention to detail. It reminds me of the early NOVA PBS and Modern Marvels tv docu-series.

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