Attraction to the ADDY

As we move forward in 2014 at Abbott Media Productions, we strive day in and day out to offer the very best of animation production to our clients. We continue to take every step possible towards increasing the value of their projects. A successful partnership is key to the effectiveness of any project. We encourage creative collaboration. Working closely with our clients allows us to get a feel for what they see and envision the final outcome of their project.

We believe in the law of attraction. We believe that good thoughts bring about good actions. We believe that great actions bring about great reactions. We have a valuable product that offers high-end animation to the consumer. This sets our team’s work apart from our competition and allows us to set the bar even higher on every project that makes its way to us.

Abbott Media Productions was established in 2007 to fill a need for high quality, affordable post-production and animation services in Tucson, Arizona. It was founded on the principle of offering national high quality animation and video effects services at a local Tucson price. Understanding the need for these services has allowed for the success in our firm.

Abbott Media Productions attracts amazing and accomplished clients. The work we are commissioned to perform for them has been very rewarding and we are happy to say that our hard work has been consistently recognized. As such, the American Advertising Federation, AAF, has bestowed us with the honor of receiving three ADDY awards this past year.

Gold in Television for our work with Meridian Bank
Silver in Elements – Animation for our work with Rain Bird
Bronze in Elements – Interface Navigation for our work with the creation of HDSplash

With these accolades come a responsibility that we are happy to embrace; to continue to offer our clients a product that will serve as a marketing tool to highlight their products and services. This can allow an increase in opportunity for them to expand their profit margins, revenue and visibility. We always strive to produce work that our clients are proud to use and put their name on.

We sincerely appreciate our clients and especially want to send tribute to Meridian Bank, & Rain Bird for offering us the opportunity to excel on their projects, which brought in our most recent awards. We look forward to new ventures, serving existing clients as well as meeting new clients. Our enthusiasm is abundant while we continue to offer our services to the community in many diverse avenues.

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