The Process of Storyboarding

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Storyboarding is the process used to visualize what the final look of a motion picture, motion graphic, animation, or interactive media sequence will be. Think of it as a comic strip where all the important details are laid out including audio, camera moves, and what the characters will be doing or feeling. It’s a blue print for a production team to follow so all members can stay on the same page.

Disney made the first complete storyboards in 1933 for the short “Three Little Pigs” (see The Story of Walt Disney, Henry Holt, 1956), and studios have been keeping up with the tradition ever since. Like our predecessors, we use storyboards for practically every project we do, including the Raytheon Strat Dialogue video.

Here you can see an excerpt from our storyboards where Ms. Ray receives an award.

Raytheon Strat Dialogue
Panel 8

The storyboard illustrates the basic interaction between the characters. Below the drawing, we explain in a few words what is happening. Camera moves are also described and a voice over of what is being said finishes the storyboard description.

Here you can see what the storyboard turns into in the final video. There were changes to the voice over and the male presenter is changed to a female presenter, but you can see the main idea is still the same.

Panel 13
Panel 25

We hope that you’ve found this blog post informative and illustrates the amount of detail that we pour into all of our projects here at Abbott Media. For those of you who would like to give storyboarding a try, you can download a template here and print it out. Try creating a storyboard for a marketing idea you may have and share it with us!

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