Making Video Matter In Your Marketing Strategy

Most companies realize that in order to have a good marketing strategy, you need to deploy multiple tactics in order to advertise your product, service or solution. I’ve mentioned it several times on this blog already, but as we head into 2014, the importance of video in your marketing strategy is incredibly important. It’s a way to stand out, make an emotional connection and reach audiences across multiple channels.

So that leads to the question: why aren’t more companies consistently using video in order to market their products and build their brands? Well, in short, most marketing departments believe video to be too expensive and its shelf life too short. With these assumptions, marketers will only consider video for a significant company or for important product/service initiatives.

And when it comes to strictly live-action video, these assumptions are mostly correct. It can be expensive (paying actors, location fees, crew, etc.) and could have a short shelf life if the product or service needs to follow the ebb and flow of the ever-changing marketplace.

In the end, live-action video is valuable when the budget is there. However, marketers and small-business owners should know that there is another video option available to them, and that’s motion graphics.

Motion graphics don’t necessarily need the same significant investment of budget, time and personnel that live-action video typically requires. This will allow small businesses and marketers to create videos quicker and more cost effective than live-action videos while still including the wow-factor and gaining a bigger impact in the marketplace.

This marketing survey shows that companies that leverage online video across a variety of channels (company website, social networks, events, sales, partners, etc.) had a nine-fold increase in brand recall! Having video incorporated in your web presence will also assist in your SEO rating.

Due to these benefits, video should always play a role within a company’s marketing strategy and with motion graphics by AMP, it doesn’t have to break the bank!

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