Free Computer Tower Model

Need to create an environment for a not-so-tech-savvy guy who uses his computer tower to hold up one side of his broken coffee table as he cries over a cold hot-pocket and wonders where everything went wrong?
We got you covered.

Need to model a render farm? You can do that, too.

2017 Render Farm

For the second asset we’re giving out for free, we have a high-poly model of a computer case, the HP Z640 workstation. It is modeled mostly as quads and is subdivision-friendly as well. Inside the package is a lightwave .lwo file, an .obj file, and an .fbx, which means you should be able to import and use it in any 3D program.

Download it, animate it exploding, send us a link to the video or let us know what use you find for it. The possibilities of what you can do with this bad boy are endless.

Click here to Download!

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