A 3D Computer Keyboard is Now Free to Download!

Last time we gave away a computer tower, today’s Abbott Freebie is a sleek, minimalist-design keyboard. The model is subdivision-friendly and suitable for close up shots. It comes with a texture file that is easily modified to change the font style or writing system. Go crazy, do an energy drink-fueled animation binge and animate some poor soul typing his novel out in a cozy little cottage set deep in the snow-covered hills of Northern Minnesota. He’s not there by choice, he’s snowed in, it’s very sad. Hopefully the 3 cans of spam and stale corn nuts can hold off his hunger until the thaw.

Free 3D Keyboard Wireframe

After a few days of meticulously animating this 3D character typing, you will feel his pain and be inspired to creatively solve the animation challenge using type-cycles and wide shots. Desperation leads to innovation!

Free 3D Keyboard Model

Click here to download the keyboard in lwo, obj, and fbx formats.

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