Free 3D Asset: Desktop Monitor

We’re back with another Abbott Freebie, and this time we’re giving away a free 3D model of a computer monitor. It should go nicely with the desktop tower and keyboard models that we shared previously. Now you can lay out the gaming rig of your dreams in 3D and show all your friends what your 3×2 monitor array will look like being back-lit with multi-color LEDs.

Free 3D Monitor Model

The display resembles a typical Dell 16:9 LCD monitor with a stand that can be adjusted in height, tilt, and rotation. It comes with .lwo and .obj file formats. It doesn’t handle being subdivided very well but we added enough detail so you can still get pretty close to it. There aren’t any uv’s in the .lwo but the geometry to the screen is separate to make it easy to set up a texture that uses simple planar projection.

3D Monitor Wireframe

So model and light the rest of your room, put this bad boy in there, reminisce about simpler times before you had to step over so many pizza boxes and Funyuns bags, or set up a corporate HQ complete with endless cubicles and cookie-cutter work-spaces.

Click here to Download!

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