Download our Toy Dinosaur Model for Free!

Don’t let this cute little guy fool you, he is ferocious! Between the uses as a small background prop to fill a child’s room or a giant that destroys a city in some young scientist’s experiment gone wrong, this model will fill many purposes.

Free 3D Dinosaur Model

The model is mostly quads and is subdivision friendly, meaning you can get as close as you want to it. There are no special textures or UV maps but feel free to customize it as your own. We considered modeling a set of robot grabber claws to give him as an accessory but feared that he would be too scary and powerful with longer arm reach. Maybe you can do that and created an animated short about how he takes over the world!

3D Dinosaur Wireframe

Feel free to download the pack by clicking the link below. It comes with an .fbx, an. obj, an .lwo, and the Abbott Freebies beauty shot that is posted above. Let us know how you’ve put it to use!

Click here to download!

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