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Being a proactive Business Development Officer, I get to meet some awesome people and talk about how our services here at Abbott Media can help them take their product marketing to the next level.

The one question I get most often when dealing with CEOs, VPs, and Business Owners is: How much does animation cost? Which also happens to be the most loaded and hardest to answer question I deal with on a day to day basis.

Pricing animation is not like quoting prices off a restaurant menu. There are a lot of factors that go into serious animation quotes and they can vary from $3000 to $25,000 in a matter of minutes, no really, minutes could be the difference between a $10,000 and $15,000 project. Realistically, there really is no black and white price schedule for any animation or project. Most studios have an hourly rate that they will advertise, but that rate can and will adjust depending on the length and difficulty of the animation.

For example, if a quote for a 30 second video is $8,000, and though the animation process the idea, view, or need of the video is altered, that will add time and work for animation team which will result in an adjusted final price.

For this reason the most important part of the animation process actually takes place before the animation team even puts eyes on your product, this is the creative meeting. This is the time where everything needs to be put on the table. Your ideas, and view for the video will be discussed at length as well as the color, feel, and animation styles used in your video. As long as you are open and honest about what you want and are expecting, you should receive an accurate cost quote, but again, it’s a quote and clear lines of communication need to be kept with your team and the animation studio to ensure both parties understand where the project is headed.

Remember, a video is often the first and only thing a potential customer will see, so a quality animation is a fantastic way to ensure your audience understands and is engaged in your product or idea. They want to be entertained and associate with the product, animation is a great way to make a lasting first impression and get the conversation started.

If you’re interested in adding quality animation to your product or idea please don’t hesitate to call us or visit our Contact Us page to leave us a message.

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Understanding the costs associated with animation is crucial for anyone considering it for their project. This blogpost provides a clear and insightful breakdown, shedding light on the various factors that influence animation costs. The real-world examples and practical tips make it easier for businesses to budget effectively and make informed decisions. A must-read for anyone venturing into the world of animation – thanks for demystifying the costs!

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