70’s The New 40

Ask yourself this; Why does getting old have to be a bad thing? We spend our entire lives waiting to be 16, 18, 21, and then what? Are we are suppose to just sit back and accept that anything after our 20s is one step closer to looking like your grandparents? Not hardly. Today’s population is living an expected thirty more years than past generations. Thirty more years! That’s thirty more years worth of memories, connections, and joy. We need to remind our parents and grandparents that age truly is just a number.

It is said that as we age, our mind sharpens and that allows for a whole new landscape of creative ideas. Tapping into that creativity can be difficult if you’re preoccupied with the social pressures of aging itself. We so often forget that every last one of us will age and it’s a blessing to be able to live a full life well into our 70s and 80s. Reaching deep down into yourself and channeling that newfound creativity can open a whole new world for you and your loved ones. Writing, painting, gardening, they are all things that will keep you sharp mentally and emotionally.

We at Abbott Media Productions had a chance to help Aroha Philanthropies express this message in a video titled, “The Wall”. All of us are honored to be a part of encouraging the arts to people of all ages. Age is wisdom and beauty combined and we should never stop our creative side, our joyfulness, or our ability to connect with others. On Saturday, March 14, 2015, we attended The American Advertising Federation Tucson Chapter’s Addy Awards. It was the second time in three years we were able to take home a Best of Show award and could not be happier it was for our hard work on “The Wall”.

Check out our 2015 Best of Show video, “The Wall”

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