Why HDSplash Video Animation Software?

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Why You Need Online Video Content

HDSplash is the only online animation maker that delivers a large selection of professional quality, customizable 3D templates for creating low-cost, effective marketing videos.

Video animation is usually too expensive for most small to medium-sized businesses, but HDSplash makes it easy and affordable for you to make your own animation with 30 or 60 second (approx.) marketing videos.

With our large variety of creative and effective professional video templates and our fast and efficient editing process, we’ve made creating your own professional quality video easy and fun!

When you make a video online and share it on the Internet, it can help increase traffic to your website and strengthen your position with your target market.

You can feature your completed video on your website, Facebook, YouTube, and more. You can even air it on TV as a commercial.

How can HDSplash help you create video online that will get your business noticed?

Seven out of ten web users watch online video content in a typical week.*

Animation is considered a sure way to attract attention to your message.

Videos can show up in Google search results and tend to attract more attention with a captured photo from your video.

When you make your own animation and carefully select the right title for your video, it can actually help your video rank better and drive traffic to it.

The more often your Splash Video is viewed, liked, commented on and shared, the better the chance your video will be positioned in search results.

Videos engage viewers and keep them on your website longer.

How can using the HDSplash online animation maker help maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business strategy?

By uploading your video to video sharing sites, social media sites and press releases (yes you can embed a video in a press release), you strengthen your SEO.

SEO enhances the visibility and ranking of your website during searches—and 86% of all Internet traffic is generated through search engines.**

The more often your website appears in search results, the more potential traffic you have to your website.

Each of our HD video templates has been uniquely designed to capture the attention of audiences. Use our video animation software now to create a real splash with your own marketing video!

**Burst Media Survey, Nov 2011

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